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Fountains & Fountain Accessories

Choose from a variety of fountains and fountain accessories such as LED lighting systems, Solar-Powered Fountains, and Electric Fountains.

2021 Elite Fountains systems are available in electric, solar, and solar with grid backup.  The solar models will use the same panels and racking as the Ultimate Solar Aerators and will include everything except the mounting poles.

Electric Pond Fountains

  • 1/2 HP ECO Fountain
  • 1 HP ECO Fountain
  • 3/4 HP Elite Series 230V Fountain
  • 1 1/2 HP Elite Series 230V Fountain
  • 2 HP Elite Series 230V Fountain
  • 3 HP Elite Series 230V Fountain
  • 5 HP Elite Series 230V Fountain

Solar Pond Fountains

  • OWS Elite Series Direct Drive Solar Floating Pond Fountain ¾ HP, 1 ½ HP, 2HP, 3HP
  • Solar Floating Pond Fountains with Electric Backup ¾ HP, 1 ½ HP, 2 HP

Fountain Accessories

  • Floating Pond Fountain LED Lights
  • Optional Electrical Cord on ¾ HP and up

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