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Windmill Aeration

You can add style and sustainability to your pond's natural landscape.

Keeping your pond aerated is one of the most important methods of upkeep. To help ensure proper aeration and add to the overall appeal of your landscaping, consider adding a windmill-powered aeration system. If you are looking for a low-maintenance way to aerate your pond, a windmill is a great option to consider.

Our windmills are available from 12’ to 24’.  The most common is the 20-24 foot, 3 legged galvanized (with the option of 4 legged galvanized and 16’ wooden tower kit for that old-time look).  The windmill compressor has a 5-year warranty, pushes up to 30 psi, will produce up to a maximum of 4.5 cfm’s, can place diffuser up to 30’ depth, and we can assemble, install, and service products. 

After 16 years in the aeration industry, Glen does not sell you a package of things you do not need.  He will provide you what you need to do the best job, custom to your project.

Not only are you choosing a high-quality aeration system, but you will also benefit from a 5-year warranty on the windmill compressor, the largest in the industry.

Choose the windmill that's right for you:

  • Up to 24-foot Windmills
  • Three or Four-legged Windmills
  • Galvanized Traditional Windmill
  • Windmill Heads: Functional or Ornamental
  • Compressor Only
  • Powder-Coated Windmills
  • Wooden Tower Windmills

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