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Pond Care Products

A Simple, Easy To Use Pond Maintenance System

Together with a team of seasoned biologists and water quality experts, OWS has created a simple, easy-to-use pond maintenance system made up of three principal components.

First, we offer a line of all-natural bacteria products called OWS Lake & Pond Bacteria designed to help break down excess nutrients and organic matter throughout the whole pond which can help reduce algae and odor helping create a clean, clear pond.

Secondly, we offer several different all natural dyes and colorants OWS Lake & Pond Dyes, including blue and black that works to filter the sunlight which helps prevent weeds and algae from growing by naturally blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. Available in both dry and highly concentrated liquid formulations.

Lastly, for swimming areas, docks, beaches and other high use areas offer a OWS Lake & Pond Muck Pellets that is high concentrated and focuses on attacking muck and sludge in specific areas. This is a great product and sinks right into the muck to do it’s job.

We have also added turtle traps, fish traps, weed rakes & weed cutters along with many items to get rid of geese, herons, turtles, and other predators.

Ponds without oxygen can become stagnant, resulting in excess algae, muck on the bottom, and even fish kills.

Ponds without Aeration:

  • Can become stale or stagnant
  • Will tend to develop algae problems over time
  • Tend to “turnover” in the spring or fall, which can cause fish kills
  • Will have a build-up of excess muck and mud on the bottom
  • Can freeze up in the winter months, causing fish kills
  • Are not the most fun to fish in or swim in, due to algae or smell
  • Not healthy for livestock or wildlife
Aeration supplies water with rich oxygen and removes excess nutrients and pollutants, making the entire body of water a healthy ecosystem.

Ponds with Aeration:

• All ponds benefit from aeration
• Circulates water from the bottom, which helps prevent pond “turnover” and fish kills
• Have less odor, algae, and bacteria due to increased oxygen and circulation
• Will see a reduction in muck and organic matter on the bottom
• Will increase the healthy living area for fish
• Can also hinder mosquito breeding and West Nile virus, due to water movement
• Safe and healthy for animals

OWS Lake and Pond Blue Dye should be added three times a year, late April, late June or early July, and late October.  This will help control algae and weed growth as it blocks the sun.  Algae and weeds need sunlight to bloom and grow.  Algae blooms on the bottom of the pond.  To minimize algae growth before it reaches the top of your pond, you need OWS Citrine Granular (just need to treat shallow area).  This product helps kill algae before it reaches the top surface.  Add OWS Citrine Granular once a month to control algae.   If you have algae on the surface, Use OWS Citrine plus Algaecide Liquid.  This product kills the surface algae.  Then start with OWS Citrine Granular.  We have been told by our customers that using OWS Lake & Pond Clarifier really helps their ponds. Call to order yours for the season now.

 To reduce the muck on the bottom of your pond from decaying algae and foreign materials, along with aeration, you can add natural bacteria (OWS Lake & Pond Bacteria), a couple packs every other week depending on the size of your pond.  If you see algae growth, give a double dose or an additional treatment.  OWS Muck Pellets are a great way to clean up any swim area and the shallow areas (helps in controlling algae too). You should start adding the bacteria and muck pellets about mid-May to mid-October when water temperatures are above 55 degrees.  Bacteria is needed to eat up the muck although aeration helps keep the bacteria active, the more bacteria you can have the better your pond will look.  

We also carry a full line of chemicals to help control weeds in the water and on the shoreline, as well as our natural pond products.  Glen would be happy to hear from you to discuss your pond needs or any concerns you may be having. 

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